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  • Glynis Sherwood Counselling | Vancouver Canada & Skype Video
  • Glynis Sherwood Counselling | Vancouver Canada & Skype Video
  • Glynis Sherwood Counselling | Vancouver Canada & Skype Video
  • Glynis Sherwood Counselling | Vancouver Canada & Skype Video
  • Glynis Sherwood Counselling | Vancouver Canada & Skype Video
  • Glynis Sherwood Counselling | Vancouver Canada & Skype Video

Video Counseling For Survivors of Tough Childhoods & Their Partners

Did you grow up with a Self-centered or Narcissistic Parent?

Were you the Scapegoat and Blamed for Family Problems?  

Do you feel like an Outsider or the Black Sheep of the Family?

People who had these experiences in childhood might grow into adulthood having:

  • Shame and Low Self Worth – Negative myths you grew up with that are wrong, but feel like an uphill climb to overcome, leaving you feeling damaged, broken, lost or defective.  
  • A Harsh Inner Critic aka the ‘Troll’ – This Troll grabs on to the negative myths you were raised with and amplifies them, making you vulnerable to chronic self doubt and lacking confidence.  What’s worse is that the Troll may be working overtime in your subconscious mind, making it hard to access, never mind change, harmful beliefs that are undermining your sense of self worth.
  • Chronic Anxiety – Feeling keyed up much of the time, having trouble relaxing, sleeping or just enjoying life without worry constantly hanging over your shoulder.
  • Relationship Challenges – Longing for closeness but struggling with trust, open communication or intimate connection. Choosing unavailable or troubled partners. Feeling confused about healthy boundaries.
  • Complicated/Stuck Grief – Having trouble coming to terms with loss of the family you needed but never got in childhood, leading to ‘the pain that won’t go away’.
  • Trauma – Distressing memories or feelings keep coming up that trigger present day emotional upset, overwhelm or numbing – meaning the past is controlling your life.

If you identify with any of these difficulties – and they have been going on for a while – you are not alone. Help Is Here.  Available world wide, Online Video Counselling can help stop the pain and get your life on track.  

Hello I’m Glynis Sherwood MEd, a counseling therapist who specializes in helping adults who had tough childhoods to overcome the hurt of neglect, abuse and loss, so they can transcend long standing emotional difficulties and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.



My Counseling & Therapy Practice Focuses on 2 Key Areas:


Family Scapegoating & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery  

If you have been mistreated or bullied by your family, then you are at much higher risk of struggling with some form of false shame, blame and guilt. You might also suffer from chronic grief, anxiety or low self worth. Or perhaps your life is being undermined by unresolved relationship trauma.

Whatever you are grappling with, you have likely been ‘programmed’ by family to believe you are flawed. This programming can live inside you as a punitive belief system – aka the ‘Troll’.  You may also have trouble accessing your emotions, making it harder to have a clear idea of what you need – or don’t need, or to tap into your motivation.

With the help of therapy, you can learn to conquer these difficulties.  By standing up to negative beliefs with reality based thinking, while exploring and understanding your emotions more fully, you will discover how to break free from faulty programming, trust yourself more, overcome trauma symptoms, and reclaim your true self identity – and peace of mind – in the present.


Creating Healthy Relationships 

If you grew up in a negligent or abusive family, then you may have had no healthy role models for intimate relationships or even friendships. The lack of a positive relationship blueprint often leads to difficulties getting – and staying – close to others. You may have difficulties trusting your partner or friends, or fall into obsessive patterns like love addiction and codependency, choosing unavailable or inappropriate people as this is the ‘devil you know’. You may be clingy or avoidant in relationships.

Whatever the difficulty, relationship or couples therapy can show you new ways of connecting based on your true emotional needs and healthy boundaries, so you can begin to experience the secure relationships you long for and deserve. Couples can also learn to communicate better, and stop destructive fighting, with the help of an authentic ‘love language’ I will teach you and your partner, leading to greater empathy, support, trust and commitment.


Glynis Sherwood MEd is a certified individual and couples counseling therapist who helps smart adults like you tap into your strength and break free from the pain of family scapegoating and narcissistic abuse, chronic grief and anxiety, and relationship challenges, so you can feel happier, be at peace and have better connections with the people you care about.

Benefits of Counselling Include:

  • Healing from childhood neglect, abuse or trauma so you can live in – and enjoy – the present
  • Transcending the pain of grief, loss and betrayal from narcissistic family abuse or scapegoating
  • Developing a solid sense of self-worth, confidence and contentment, so you can truly believe in yourself
  • Creating healthier, more satisfying, secure and loving relationships
  • Managing your emotions more effectively, so you can feel calmer and more in control of your life

Why Choose Me As Your Counsellor?

I want to save you years of valuable time on the Internet.  Here’s how:

  • A Goal Oriented Approach That Gets Results

    With a commitment to helping you achieve the concrete results you want, I help people begin to experience positive change as quickly as possible – often within a few months of weekly counseling sessions.  I take satisfaction in successful outcomes with clients who believed therapy could never help.  Using your goals to guide each session, my approach focuses on the core issues that need to be addressed, so you can truly break free of long standing pain and feel better about yourself and your relationships. We will work together until your goals are met, and you feel confident, content and more in control of your life.
  • Video Counselling Available Around the World

    I want to make sure you get the help you need by meeting with you wherever you are. Busy professionals, high profile people who want maximum privacy, Ex-Pats, people with young children or folks living in smaller communities where counseling options are limited can all benefit from Video Counseling. You can also choose video counseling if you can’t or don’t want to commute to attend counselling, travel a lot or live part of the year outside of your home town.
  • Solid Training & Experience in Individual & Couple Counseling

    Many therapists practicing today offer both individual and relationship counselling without having any specialized training in couples work.  Yet effective couples counselling requires a very different approach and skill set than individual counseling.  As a Masters in Individual Counselling graduate of the University of Toronto and Post-graduate Training and Certification from the Couples Institute in California, you can be sure that the approach I take is the right one for your situation. 
  • Feature Articles to Help You Heal Faster in Therapy

    As a  psychotherapist and author I know the value of combining counselling with self help resources to help you reach your goals. I publish free, in depth articles on my Blog, where you will find dozens of self help posts to help you move forward faster.  For example, here’s the link to a popular and groundbreaking article I wrote on family scapegoating that will help you understand the signs and how to heal:  12 Steps to Healing From Being the Family Scapegoat


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