Book Recommendation – Take Your Power Back by Evelyn Ryan

Book Recommendation - Take Your Power Back by Evelyn Ryan - image  on https://glynissherwood.comI’m very pleased to be able to support the work of my colleague Evelyn Ryan, a talented author and coach who helps abuse survivors recover and thrive.  She is the founder of Yourlifelifter, a web-based life-coaching and information center.  Take Your Power Back is an in-depth self help book that shows readers concrete, effective strategies for overcoming childhood traumas, so they can develop positive relationships with themselves, and become the confident people they are meant to be.  A consummate researcher,  Evelyn cites the work of  multiple trauma recovery experts, including myself, adding weight and power to her work.  You can order Take Your Power as a Kindle download or book  from Amazon.

Are you a victim of narcissistic abuse? Do you suffer from traumatic stress? Are you in the middle of an emotional crisis brought on by a death, betrayal, illness, or divorce, or are you just ready to heal because you’ve had enough? Are you unhappy, emotionally fatigued, and suffering from chronic emotional pain?

In Take Your Power Back, author Evelyn M. Ryan offers a step-by-step guide that teaches you to regain and use your personal power to turn your pain-based life into one filled with joy. This resource is a product of Ryan’s decades-long search for the truth to help adult survivors of childhood abuse and other traumas heal from pain addictions. It will help you discover that the source of truth-based healing resides in you, and you can tap into that infinite power. Ryan discusses:

• the real origins of your chronic, emotional pain and feelings of powerlessness
• the biggest obstacles that keep you in abusive relationships
• how to stop thinking like a victim
• what pain triggers are and how to identify them
• the difference between love and trauma addiction
• exercises to strengthen self-esteem, self-compassion, and self-reliance
• how to not only heal, but to thrive after recovery

Take Your Power Back contains the most current and effective lessons, tips, and tools validated by skilled psychology professionals and abuse survivors. It includes a guided, go-at-your-own-pace personalized abuse-recovery program, showing you how to stop thinking like a victim, end your chronic emotional pain, and thrive.

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