Meet Glynis Sherwood MEd

My counselling work is my passion.

My dedication to this work began with my own healing journey.
Counselling helped me – that’s how I know it can help you too!

I am committed to sharing the best of my knowledge, skill and experience with you, to help you have the life you want and deserve.



Glynis Sherwood MEd is  a Counselling Therapist and Author who helps people break free of chronic emotional distress, relationship problems, abusive family dynamics, and compulsive habits, so they can find happiness, peace of mind and fulfilling relationships.  As a popular counsellor in Canada and around the world, and author of over 100 self help articles and 2 books, I’ve helped hundreds of adults create happier relationships, overcome low self worth, chronic anxiety and grief, and transcend addictive behaviors, sadness and trauma related problems.

Most importantly, my counselling services focus on finding the right solutions for you as a unique individual or couple.  My approach is tailor made, and designed to help people overcome long standing problems, unresolved hurts or subconscious internal road blocks.

My clients describe me as direct, friendly, down to earth, relaxed, warm, open-minded and respectful. Sessions are interactive, meaning I will actively engage with you to help you find solutions to your problems, and not just listen and nod.

Whether short or longer term, my commitment is to help you find effective solutions to the problems of daily living. As a person who overcame social anxiety in young adulthood with the help of counselling, I highly value the power of non-medical solutions to the challenges we all share as human beings.

In order to meet your needs – wherever you are around the world – I offer therapy and counselling by Video.  In countries that have limited internet availability,  I can connect with you by Phone.

In addition to counselling, I am a published author, and regularly write in depth feature articles on how to improve your psychological well being and relationships that you can access at no charge on my Blog.

My philosophy is that no matter how difficult anxiety, sadness, loss, relationship difficulties, addiction or traumatic events have been in your life, you can rebound and live a life of peace and fulfillment.

With a commitment to helping you achieve the concrete results you want, I have a proven track record of helping create positive change for my clients – often beginning within 2 to 3 months of weekly counselling sessions.



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