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I was interviewed recently by podcasters Evelyn Ryan for her show Take Your Power Back, and Kristin Walker of Mental Health News Radio, which is the home base for Evelyn’s show. 

More of a conversation than a traditional interview, we touched on these vital topics which are so important to recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, Family Scapegoating and Trauma:

  • How learning to calm down anxiety and threat responses (fight, flight, freeze, collapse or fawning) is essential to uncovering buried emotions we need to be in touch with so we can feel truly alive, know what we need and advocate for ourselves from a position of strength and empowerment.
  • The role of the ‘Supportive Witness’ in therapy and beyond, which was often missing from abusive experiences, but is key to developing self validation, compassion and emotional resilience.
  • How to transcend overwhelm, such as emotional flooding or going numb so you can be present – and effective – in managing the day to day realities – and challenges – of life.
  • Overcoming the Inner Scapegoat, aka the Troll – the internalized attacking voice of the narcissistic parent, in order to lose false shame and develop and authentic identity based on the truth of who you are.
  • How developing emotional ‘literacy’ will help you understand yourself better, gain mastery engaging or disengaging in intense emotional states ‘voluntarily’, and have your thoughts and feelings work better together so you can increase emotional self management. 

You can listen to the 50 minute Podcast here:

Evelyn Ryan is the host of the podcast show and author of the self help book Take Your Power Back

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the lead host at Mental Health News Radio

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