by Glynis Sherwood MEd

Step #11 concludes this series of basic but powerful strategies for achieving addiction recovery.   Use these steps and strategies together to help guide you to a solid recovery.

Step 11 – Get  Ongoing Support .  Addiction causes isolation.  Most people in recovery believe that finding community is critical to healing. Whether in a group, through counselling or with recovery buddies, you can only benefit by letting positive people into your life.  The solution is to build healthy connections with others who will support your recovery success by sharing their friendship and wisdom in the long run. 

Recovery Strategy:  Developing healthy, supportive relationships and community are two important cornerstones of recovery.  You may have to let some relationships go – especially with people who are active in addiction – in order to avoid relapse and to help yourself stay headed in a positive direction.  If you are introverted, shy or uncertain about how to meet people you may want to start by connecting one-to-one with a counsellor.  Most recovery support groups also understand the ‘newbies’ apprehension.  Contact them by phone or email ahead of time and see if you can arrange to have someone accompany you into the meeting and make introductions.  Review Step 3 for other ideas or if you are feeling stuck.

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Glynis Sherwood – MEd, CAC, CCC, RCC, is a Certified Addictions Counsellor working online and based in Halifax Canada