Following on the heels of yesterday’s post is Step 2 of 11 basic but powerful strategies for achieving addiction recovery.  Look for a Recovery Step and Strategy per day through September 18th. Use these steps and strategies to help guide you to a solid recovery.

Step 2 – Make a decision to stop all addictive behaviour. Make a commitment to overcome the process of addiction, not just isolated compulsive behaviours.  In other words, if you decide to stop drinking, then stop any other compulsive behaviours may be running interference in your life (e.g. cigarettes, internet porn, food addiction, workaholism, etc.).  Studies show that people who focus on overcoming the big picture of addiction have longer term successful recovery from their ‘main’ addictive habit.  Based on the assessment of ‘benefits’ of stopping versus the ‘costs’ of continuing you conducted in Step 1, you should have the leverage you need to provide a solid rationale for taking your life back from addiction.  Tell someone you can trust – it will help you be accountable.  (If you don’t know anyone who fits that description, connect with a help line, addiction counselor or group.  More on this strategy in Step 3)

Recovery Strategy:
  Tell the person you confide in what you would like them to do if they see signs that you are slipping, e.g. leveling with you.  Share your goals (from Step 1) with them, so they can remind you of the life you are aiming for – freedom from the slavery of addiction.  This is especially helpful if you are prone to ‘recovery amnesia’ (minimizing how bad things were), or romanticizing the bad old days.  Start thinking about additional actions you can take to support your progress.  It can be challenging to think clearly during the early stages of recovery.  So to help yourself stay on track, make sure you write down your ideas and plans.

Stay Tuned Tomorrow For Step 3!