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Want to overcome long standing problems with anxiety, negative relationship patterns, grief, trauma, addictive behaviors or the dreaded ‘Inner Critic’?  

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Stop the Struggle:
5 Steps to Breaking Free from Chronic Emotional Pain
& the Dreaded Inner Critic


If chronic emotional distress is running interference in your life, read my E-Book to discover how to begin putting this unfinished business behind you.  Stop the StruggleRevised and Updated –  will walk you through the steps for transcending the ‘pain that won’t go away’ and standing up to the Inner Critic, so you can enjoy the peace of mind you want and deserve. By reading my 20 page EBook you will be able to:

  1. Identify the ‘Early Warning Signs’ that deeply rooted – often unconscious – emotional distress has been triggered, and stop the pain from escalating
  2. Cultivate core strategies for overcoming chronic emotional upset and past hurts
  3. Take the right approach when dealing with unique challenges such as anxiety, chronic grief, negative relationship patterns, addictive behavior or trauma.
  4. Develop effective approaches for defeating the Inner Critic – aka the Judge / Warden – New
  5. Learn how to use ‘Reverse Motivation’ to overcome depression – New
  6. Discover how Complex PTSD differs from PTSD, so you can manage your symptoms and triggers – New
  7. Learn how counselling can be a valuable asset to you in healing from chronic emotional distress.


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