Couples Counselling for New Partners

Rediscover the Love You Once Had – Not Long Ago

  • Are you in a new committed relationship – recently wed, living together or engaged – and struggling to get along?
  • Does it seem like the honeymoon is over – perhaps before it even started?
  • Has the joy you once felt in each other’s company been replaced by arguments, tension, insecurity or loss of closeness, trust and intimacy?

Couple Counselling can help you get your relationship back on track!

Like most new couples you probably started out your relationship with confidence and dreams of a satisfying life together. You had much in common that drew you together, and felt hopeful and excited as you got to know each other.  Your future together looked wonderful and fulfilling.

But over time, as you became aware of each other’s differences, your relationship has not felt so easy any more. You may wonder if you have fallen out of love, if your partner has changed, or even if you chose the wrong person. Whatever the issue may be, your joy at being together has been replaced by doubt, fear, distance and difficulty communicating. It may be hard to see what you have going for you as a couple, and if there is a way to deal with your differences and save your relationship.

Whether you are a young couple – or a little older – it’s common to experience these kinds of challenges in any new relationship. It’s actually a sign of normal ‘growing pains’, and doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or your partner. But you may need to learn how to do things a bit differently together so your relationship can survive and thrive.

New couples – those who are together less than 4 years – need to learn to define and establish both healthy separateness as well as togetherness. This can feel like a let down after the blissful bonding of early love. Many people mistake this change as the loss of love. But becoming comfortable as a separate human being within a relationship is both necessary and healthy, for you, your partner and your relationship

If you are in a new committed relationship, and struggling to hold onto the loving connection you once had not long ago, help is here.



Losing that romantic connection with your partner can feel sad and scary, but it doesn’t mean your relationship is over.  Couple counselling can help you reconnect in an open, supportive way that will make your relationship feel more loving and stronger than ever! 


Relationship Counselling for New Couples Can Help You:

  • Understand the difficulties – and opportunities – associated with the normal transition from close bonding aka falling in love, to establishing a healthy sense of separateness within that close bond.
  • Get comfortable talking with your partner about your differences and needs, without falling into arguments, silent withdrawal, or feeling overwhelmed, defensive or fearful.
  • Feel more secure and capable of supporting your partner so you can appreciate him/her as an individual, while feeling good about the relationship at the same time.
  • Learn to stay close and trusting – or rebuild intimacy – as you negotiate this new exciting stage in your relationship.
  • Become better communicators with each other, so your relationship feels stronger in the long run.
  • Feel more confident and secure about going forward with your relationship into marriage or a long term commitment.

Ready to get back on track with your partner by building a stronger relationship?

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