Pet Loss Counselling

Grieving the Death of a Beloved Animal Companion?


Do You:

  • Feel heartbroken – just as you might if a much loved person had died
  • Have no one to talk to who understands or appreciates the depth of your loss, and feel alone
  • Wonder if your emotions are normal or healthy
  • Feel unsure about how to grieve the death of your animal friend, or what might help you feel better

You Are Not Alone – Help Is Here

Cat Grave Marker.jpg.opt207x155o0,0s207x155The death of an animal companion can be a very lonely experience. The truth is that the lives of animals – and our grief over them – are just not assigned the same social value as the death of a human being. This can leave us feeling alone as we mourn the death of our dearest animal friends in a society that does not recognize or understand the depth of our grief.


Your relationship with your beloved animal friend may have conjured up parental feelings, not unlike those we have towards children. Their innocence, devotion and unconditional love inspire us to open our hearts in ways that make us feel peaceful and fulfilled. If your animal friend was a service animal you may feel like you’ve lost your ‘right hand’ that helped you manage life in the face of a disability. It’s common to feel extremely sad, alone and vulnerable when you have lost that special love connection and support in your life.


As the guardian of two beautiful cats who passed away over the last decade, I know the pain of losing ‘fur kids’. The grief I felt on both occasions was as strong as any I had experienced when dealing with the death of people I have loved, so I know your hurt may be very deep.


And as a counsellor who has experienced that special bond with animals, I can help you understand and express your feelings about the loss of your animal friend. I provide a supportive environment where you can feel free to be yourself, and mourn as you need to, without worrying about being judged.




Losing a beloved animal friend can be a devastating experience.
Video Counselling can help you feel supported and understood as you learn to move beyond the pain. 




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