Video Therapy & Counseling

Video Therapy & Counseling

Helping You Feel Better Wherever You Are Around the World

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Are you dealing with time pressures, in a remote location, can’t or don’t want to leave home to attend counselling?

Want to work with me but live in another city, province or country?

No Problem!

Video Counselling could be the solution you are looking for*


Most individual counselling that is done in-person can also be done very effectively by VSEE  or  Skype Video, free downloadable software programs for Windows or MAC.  Glynis Sherwood, MEd, Canadian Certified Counsellor, has many years experience providing effective distance counselling services across Canada and around the world for your convenience and privacy.

If you are in a location that does not support internet Video services, Phone counselling may be available.

These options benefit people who:

  • Have time constraints
  • Are Ex-Pats wanting to work with a counsellor from a similar cultural background
  • Live in smaller communities where counselling – or anonymity – is not readily available
  • Travel regularly and can’t always make appointments in-person
  • Do not wish to commute to appointments
  • Prefer to receive counselling in the privacy of their own home
  • Have young children and don’t want the inconvenience of arranging child care
  • Have health problems or disabilities that can limit mobility


Video Counselling is effective for overcoming:

  • Anxiety – including social phobia and panic
  • The pain of Grief and Loss
  • Low Self Worth
  • Individual Relationship problems such as insecurity, fear of commitment or obsessive love
  • Addiction Recovery from compulsive behaviors – such as love addiction – or substance abuse
  • The negative impact of Family Abuse, such as Scapegoating or Estrangement
     Wherever you are located around the world, Video Counselling can help you move past the pain, and discover the life you want and deserve  


Recent studies show that video counselling compares favorably to in person therapy in terms of positive outcomes and client satisfaction, and that people tend to stay with it longer – until they achieve the results they are seeking.¹

The truth is that Video Counselling works, and is here to stay due to effectiveness, convenience and privacy.


How Video Counselling Works

Counselling is available by Video across Canada and around the world.  Sessions occur in emotionally and physically safe places.  I will join you from my counselling office and meet with you in a private place where you will not be interrupted, overheard or distracted.  As such, I do not meet with clients who are with family, friends or children, or in public places due to privacy concerns,  or driving due to physical safety and concentration challenges.

Video Counselling is scheduled and paid for in advance.  Sessions are normally 60, 75 or 90 minutes in length.  A credit card number – VISA or MasterCard – is required to reserve your first appointment.

For information on Fees and using extended health benefits (Canada) to cover the cost of counselling, please Click Here

Download Free VSEE Video Software Here

Download Free Skype Video Software Here  

Set up is easy and fast for VSEE and Skype.  All you need is a computer or tablet or phone with a webcam and microphone.

¹  Steel, Cox, and Garry 2011; Gros et al. 2011; Godleski, Darkins, and Peters 2012

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