by Glynis Sherwood MEd

We are moving towards the finish line with Step 10 of 11 basic but powerful strategies for achieving addiction recovery. The final recovery Step – # 11 will be posted September 18th. Use these steps and strategies to help guide you to a solid recovery.

Step 10 – Rebuild your relationships. Addiction hurts the ones you love.  In your important relationships there is likely – at best – strain, loss of trust and poor communication, and – at worse – breakups, separation or divorce.  Apologize to your loved ones.  Reassure them it is not their fault.  Understand it will likely take time to trust you again.  You need to be patient.  Encourage those you love to take care of themselves and to get help to understand addiction.  Ask what they need from you and offer to help.  Note: You may also find yourself at a crossroads where you realize it may be unhealthy for you to continue with some relationships.  So you will have to do some soul searching to determine what relationships need repair and what relationships need to be  let go.

Recovery Strategy:  Patience and forgiveness – of yourself and others – are important virtues to access here.  It takes time and skill to repair relationship ruptures.  If you feel stuck or stressed, or confused regarding how to proceed, or you are dealing with anger in key relationships,  couple and/or family counselling can often assist in the development of better communication and the rebuilding of trust.

Stay Tuned Tomorrow For Step 11!

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