Continuing on with my series of daily posts, today I am posting Step 4 of 11 basic but powerful strategies for achieving addiction recovery.  Look for a Recovery Step and Strategy every day through September 17th. Use these steps and strategies to help guide you to a solid recovery.

Step 4

Create a Relapse Prevention Plan. Identify your triggers and high risk situations.  Triggers can be any emotions, thoughts, beliefs, actions, relationships or situations that make you want to engage in compulsive behaviours.  Understand the legitimate needs behind your triggers, i.e. the need to feel calm, loved, secure, confident, rested, worthy, safe, etc.  Find healthy ways to begin to meet your needs.  Avoid ‘using buddies’ and situations.

Recovery Strategy:  As with step 1, you need to write down your plans.  This has many benefits, not the least of which is having a living document that can guide you through challenging or vulnerable situations.  Very useful if you are believe you might be slipping and are having trouble thinking ‘straight’.  If you are stuck or could use support, you might consider consulting with an addiction counselor who can help you put together an effective relapse prevention plan .

Stay Tuned Tomorrow For Step 5!

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