by Glynis Sherwood MEd

 The Recovery journey continues with Step 6 of 11 basic but powerful strategies for achieving addiction recovery.  Look for a Recovery Step and Strategy every day through September 18th. Use these steps and strategies to help guide you to a solid recovery.

Step 6 – Stop secondary addictive behaviours such as smoking, binge-eating, gambling, other drugs, internet obsession, etc.  Research shows that people who stop the addictive process completely – rather than dealing with one substance or behaviour at a time – have a much higher rate of success with long term recovery.

Recovery Strategy:  Don’t try and bargain with yourself by hanging onto other complusive habits that allow you to continue to escape from life.  And don’t fall for the old myth of dealing with one addiction at a time.  Addiction recovery is a fundamental lifestyle change – a reorientation. Remember, you are trying to replace unhealthy coping strategies with choices that will help you feel more confident and in control of your life in the long run.  There may be old wounds, current difficulties or problematic relationships that need to be resolved.  Understand where your challenges lie, and seek appropriate help  such as group support, or individual addiction counselling or coaching.

Stay Tuned Tomorrow  For Step 7!


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