Vegan Vitality – Health and Fitness for the 21st Century

Vegan Vitality – Health and Fitness for the 21st Century

Posted by Glynis Sherwood on Sunday, May 10, 2015

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Karina has done it again!Want to improve your health? Did you know that diet and exercise profoundly impact your mood and overall psychological well being? It’s true, the daily food choices we make and activities we engage in play a huge role in how energetic, calm and positive we feel.Karina Inkster – a self-described “Professional Fitness Nut” based in Vancouver, Canada – is a vegan personal trainer who walks the talk and helps her clients achieve optimal vitality through healthy plant based eating and fun exercise routines. Finally Karina’s fabulous ideas have been gathered together in one place!

Vegan Vitality goes way beyond recipes however. Spearheading the vegan fitness movement, this book provides extensive lifestyle and fitness information for everyone from beginners to amateur athletes. The book covers nutrition and daily food preparation tips that simplify healthy plant-based eating, and includes workouts you can do at home with no equipment.

Karina has published this beautiful hard cover vegan cookbook and active living guide for less than $20, or even cheaper for Kindle, available through Amazon.

For folks in the Vancouver Canada area looking for an inspirational holistic personal trainer, here’s a link to Karina’s Website. She offers free consultations and specializes in mid-life health.